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Theatre Etiquette - A Matter of Respect

Be Orderly – Safety is our primary concern. It is imperative for students to enter and exit the theatre in an orderly fashion. No running, pushing, or horseplay.

Listen and Observe – There is much to hear (dialogue, music, sound effects and voice inflection) and much to see (costumes, props, set design, lighting effects and architecture of the theatre).

Refrain from distracting the actors and others – Use of cameras, camcorders and flashlights is not allowed during the performance. Restrooms should be visited before or after the performance, if possible. Steady streams of students leaving and re-entering the theatre distract the performers and audience alike. Inappropriate noises may be fun to the individual but very distracting to others.

Unacceptable or dangerous behavior - Throwing objects is dangerous; spitting is unsanitary; inappropriate noises are disturbing. Such behavior will result in a student or class being asked to sit in the lobby or leave the theatre during the remainder of the performance. If any objects are thrown on stage, the show will be stopped. Balcony seats seem to invite unacceptable behavior. Teachers, be alert!

No chewing gum and snacks – Food and gum are not allowed inside the theatre. Teachers please see that snacks and gum are left on the bus or deposited in trash receptacles at the theatre entrance.

Dress appropriately – Attending the theatre is a special and exciting occasion. Dress clothes are appropriate.

Thank you and enjoy the show!